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Text Box: TERMS & CONDITIONS  Bookings & Reservation  ∑ ETA tours may require a deposit to confirm your reservation.   ∑ Day Tours are due & payable 30 days prior to tour date or the seat may be sold.  ∑ Day Tours involving train, boats, meals or admissions are due & payable at time of booking.  ∑ All casino tours are payable at time of booking.  ∑ ALL TOURS ARE CONSIDERED NON-REFUNDABLE  Schedules & Prices  ∑ Prices listed are on a per person basis and are subject to change without notice.  ∑ GST is included in the cost of every tour.  ∑ In the event it becomes necessary or advisable, for the well being of passengers, or for any reason whatsoever to alter the itinerary or arrangements, the tour operator shall endeavor to obtain comparable arrangements.  Such alterations will be made without penalty to the tour operator.  BC Ferries  ∑ If a passenger possesses a BC Gold Pharmacare Card we ask that it be carried at all times, in the event that the ferry corporation requests to see it.  ∑ Failure to produce the card will result in the passenger being charged the ferry fare if they paid the senior rate for the tour.  Border Crossings  ∑ All passengers must have a valid passport or enhanced drivers licence for border crossings.  ∑ ETA Tours accepts no responsibility for problems or expenses caused at a border crossing.  Gratuities  ∑ A customary tip to the driver and/or tour escort is not included in the tour price and is completely at the passengerís discretion.  Tour Cancellation  ∑ Minimum passengers are required on specific tours.  ∑ Should it become necessary to cancel a tour, it will be done expeditiously and refunds will be made promptly.  ∑ ETA reserves the right to change, alter or cancel tours at any time if deemed necessary.  Brochure Information  ∑ Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in the brochure is correct at the time of printing.  ∑ However, circumstances beyond our control may alter the itineraries and/or prices described.          Extended Medical Insurance   ∑ Full details of obtaining insurance can be provided at the ETA Tours office.  ∑ It is the passengers responsibility to obtain the necessary insurance.  ETA Tours assumes no responsibility for           uninsured passengers.  ∑ An extended medical insurance waiver form may be required if a passenger chooses not to be insured.  Luggage  ∑ Carrying cases may be brought on board the bus and are the passengers responsibility.  ∑ Maximum care will be taken to ensure safe handling of luggage, however, ETA Tours does not assume any             responsibility for loss or damage.   Responsibilities  ETA Bus Tours assumes that any person signing up for a tour is in good physical condition and does not require any unusual assistance from the driver or tour escort.  Any conditions shall be described to ETA Tours prior to tour departure.  ETA Tours acts only as an agent between the passengers and those companies and/or persons providing services.  We, therefore, assume no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any personal injury sustained in Canada or outside of Canada, property damage or loss, delay or inconvenience caused by any wrongful, negligent or unauthorized acts by those companies and/or persons mentioned above who are not under the direct control of ETA Tours.  ETA Tours reserves the right to decline service to any person or to eject any person from a tour in progress, if it is deemed that a persons conduct is incompatible with the general comfort and welfare of the tour and its participants.  In such cases a refund and/or expenses for the uncompleted portion of the tour will be considered but is not guaranteed.   Room Guarantee  A room guarantee of $80 to be purchased at time of booking. (Based on a two night stay). With the room guarantee purchase you can cancel for whatever reason up to the day before the tour. If no room guarantee is purchased the following attrition rates will apply.     ∑ 30 days full refund  ∑ 21-30 days 85% refund  ∑ 14-21 days 75% refund  ∑ 7-14 days 50% refund  ∑ 0-7 days 0% refund     These rates do not apply  for plays & performances. All plays & performances involving pre purchased tickets are 100% non refundable. All tours with ETA are transferable. For our day tours a cancellation waiver of $10 will still be available.